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Cotton Home Textiles





Indian Home Textile products have become synonymous with luxury, comfort, design innovations and high quality in all sophisticated international markets. With continuous investments in wide-width weaving, processing and specialized technology, India has acquired considerable strengths in this sector over the last decade.

The country is home to the world’s leading producers of terry towels and sheet sets with state-of-the-art manufacturing plant.

In recent years, several Indian companies have installed vertically-integrated global size capacities and offer high competitive strengths from basic to premium bed & bath linen, table & kitchen linen, floor coverings, curtains, upholstery and accessories. In addition, hundreds of large and medium-sized home textiles exporters have world-class infrastructure for weaving, processing, embroidery, quilting, cutting, sewing and manufacture wide width fabrics we well as fully finished Madeups.

Mumbai, Delhi, Panipat, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, Cannanore, Karur and many other clusters offer exquisite designs, innovative products and complete manufacturing solutions.

Indian home textiles is one of the fastest growing textile export segments from India and enjoys universal popularity even in the most demanding markets like USA, EU and Japan. 

Innovations and value additions

Be it highly trendy designs, colours or textures; surface effects or embellishments, high performance blends or finishes, textile creations are a passion with Indians. From engineered yarns for custom applications, abrasion-resistant and fireproof fabrics; Hygro towels made from hollow-core yarns to the world’s most unique denims, bleach-safe sheets and super-grip, super stain-resistant rugs, Indian manufacturers are at the forefront of, India is at the fore-front of innovations and value additions. Whether high fashion or high technology, India has given the world several firsts-from the elegant saree to Intelligent Biomedical Clothes for the healthcare industry, anti-static / anti-electric jackets and Energy Finish Fabrics, India continues to set new benchmarks that benefit and delight the world.


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